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About Us

We believe that little pleasures in life are important. So yes, we love treats, we love them freshly prepared and baked with natural ingredients.


Taste is definitely our priority. We want to please your taste buds with new flavours. That is what we call the full Pan and Cook experience.

Daily Fresh

We produce all our products on the very same day, simply to offer you the best taste with a maximum of healthy nutrients.


If you look around, you will see – No pre mix, no concentrate! Everything is homemade and freshly prepared to ensure the best quality.

Natural Ingredients

Have you had our pancakes, our smoothies or hand pressed drinks? As much as we can, we work with 100% natural ingredients.

Poffertjes make your world go round

What people think of us

So soft and delicious! Love that you can get them at the A&C mall now.

Elisabet Casas AK
Elisabet Casas AK

These poffertjes were beyond great – served hot with melting butter, nutella and icing. This is just how they should be! Would take Pan & Cook’s mini pancakes any day everyday. The feeling is just— da ting goes skrraaa pap pap kak kak kak skib bi skip pap pap and a pup pup krrrut boom skiaat dut dut kut kut dun dun pum pum.

Johnson Oladele
Johnson OladeleEconomist

The little Dutch pancakes are divine. light and fluffy and the icing…..!

Anne Sackey
Anne SackeyJB Fitness

Merci chérie Kyara Brown. Tu étais vraiment gentille et les crêpes sont merveilleux. These mini Dutch pancakes are divine.

NanAfua Boakye
NanAfua Boakye